Malapascua Island

When in Malapascua Island
Its just a short “weekend vacay” when I decided to visit Malapascua Island. It is located in the northern part of Cebu, Philippines.

Malapascua are good for diving since it is where you can find thresher sharks.

No I didn’t go fo diving, I went for relaxing, unwind after my long week of work loads.

I stayed one of the hotel in Malapascua which I only paid for less than 800pesos per night through one of the hotel bookings online.

Slam’s Garden Resort in Malapascua

If you wanted to book a hotels or resort I highly suggest look for hotel bookings through online because you can save for at least 50% of the charge if you book right away to the venue. Yes mostly they need a credit card however there are some that you could just pay it at the hotel.

I choose to booked my overnight stayed at traveloka which I got the 50% off of what the site offered.

I arrived at 11am in the resort, however the check in time is at 2pm. I’ved waited for like 2 hours since the receptionist told me I can check in early since they have guest who checked out and they just need to clean the room.

While waiting, I decided to take my lunch at the resort, foods are not bad but i couldn’t say as well its excellent. I dont recommend you guys to have meals or snacks at the resort ‘coz its quite expensive which is mostly of the resort does but then if you have enough money then its good to try it from yourself.
After I checked in, I decide to explore. I went to one of their beach “Langob beach” which you have to ride motorbike and cost you for 60pesos 2way.

Langob beach

I’d stay at the beach for quite sometimes and get tanned since its really hot but then it will never be my hindrance to enjoy the tranquility of this white sand beach.
As the sun goes down, I decided to went back to the resort and soak myself to their pool. After which I go down to take my dinner. Its just a walking distance from the resort, I found this small restaurant “Ging-ging place” mostly “lutong-bahay” which cost you for 60pesos-90pesos in a dish. And yes food is delicious and great especially their chicken curry with coconut-milk.

The next day before I go back to reality, I went to the other beach in malapascua which is near from the resort. It’s secluded from the long bounty beach in malapascua.

Kokay’s Maldita Beach Resort

My total cost for this short travel

Bus from north bus going to Maya Port 200pesos(aircon) not sure with regular and it takes about 4hours going to Maya.

From Maya port to Malapascua Island, need to ride a pumpboat for 100pesos and it takes 30mins.


  • Roundtrip – around 600pesos
  • Hotel/Resort – 800pesos/night
  • Pocketmoney – 2,000pesosĀ